Jan 13, 2012

Snow is FUN

How long do I have to pose like this?

I love the snow...when it's soft and powdery and not too deep. Little doggies like me can easily get buried in deep snow.

What I really don't like is when it starts to melt and then freezes. Then "they" put horrible salt on the sidewalks, and that hurts our paws. So Mom makes us wear booties when we go for a walk. But they're not easy to romp around in, and sometimes they fall off.

What we all like best  is to romp around in the back yard in freshly fallen snow and see who can make the most tracks.

Playing in the snow takes a lot of energy and then all four of us doggies like to take a long nap when we come back in the house.

It's time for a nap now.

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